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The Art Workshop ‘Theotokos’ Project  at Theotokos Foundation began at the end of January 2001. Purpose of the project was to take a number of Theotokos ‘Residents’  with different levels of ability and mobility and introduce them to some art classes for a few hours each week. Very soon it became obvious that each student thoroughly enjoyed the chance to express their creative talents and at the same time demonstrate their determination to have an active role in society. Art Workshop “Theotokos” (est. in 2009) is a creative studio space based in Limassol - Cyprus, dedicated to supporting people with disabilities.  


The students work successfully with support staff, where skills are developed in an environment of respect, creative freedom and without any limitation to express themselves and their feeling. Our visual artists, have the opportunity to showcase and sell their artwork in exhibition spaces and in our place.  

Our aim is to create professional pathways for artists with special needs by developing their artistic talents in classes that incorporate mixed media art, design and crafts.

Graphic Design by D-Zine ©


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